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Vishtèn Connexions, a groundbreaking musical project

Vishtèn Connexions, a groundbreaking musical project, was born out of love and a desire to honor the memory of Pastelle LeBlanc, twin sister of Emmanuelle LeBlanc and life partner of Pascal Miousse, and co-founding member of Vishtèn who passed away from breast cancer on April 8th, 2022 at the age of 42. Pastelle’s creative spirit lives on through the more than 100 unfinished rough recordings she left behind on her electronic devices. Emmanuelle and Pascal of Vishtèn have taken up the mantle, bringing these musical fragments to life by collaborating with musicians, dancers, and visual artists.

Their upcoming EP EXPANSION, which will feature six different artists on its six songs, is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2024. Out on October 20th, “More Love” will be available on all major platforms and the video will be out on YouTube on November 3rd. and features 6 Hearts.

Visited Connexions, 6 Hearts, More Love

6 Hearts is an extraordinary musical ensemble comprising Emmanuelle and Pascal of Vishtèn, along with Tim Chaisson and Jake Charron of The East Pointers, a Canadian contemporary folk music group from Prince Edward Island. The genesis of 6 Hearts was rooted in the shared experience of loss, as The East Pointers also faced the untimely passing of their band member, Koady Chaisson, in 2022. United by their passion for music and the healing power it holds, they formed 6 Hearts: four hearts converging in mesmerizing contemporary traditional music, strengthened by the two hearts that remain with them in spirit.

« More Love » serves as the inaugural connection within the Vishtèn Connexions project, making it a fitting first release. « The song draws inspiration from a recording discovered on Pastelle’s phone, dating back to February of 2018, and encapsulates the universal need for love and compassion, » says LeBlanc. « This song transcends language barriers to deliver a message of unity. »

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