New Single OUT November 17th + Video OUT December 1st « Expansion » feat. Rowen Gallant & Jesse Périard

Multiple award-winning Acadian roots duo (formerly trio) VISHTÈN have joined forces with two members – Rowen Gallant and Jesse Périard – of highly acclaimed group TEN STRINGS & A GOAT SKIN, to create the second single and title track for the upcoming EP “EXPANSION”. The EP will feature six different artists on its six songs and is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2024. Out on November 17th, “Expansion” is now available on all major platforms and the video will be out on YouTube on December 1st.

Starting with the pulsing, pounding drive of twin fiddles and an acoustic guitar, « Expansion » – the title track of Vishtèn Connexions’ upcoming EP – lives up to its name. The song is a vivid musical journey that begins with an exhilarating reel that reflects the ever-changing, fast-paced nature of our existence. As the reel subsides, the song transitions into a less frenzied, but no less compelling jig, with a hopeful dynamic. The song, like the accompanying video, embodies the core idea that life is an intricate tapestry, woven with moments of high intensity, profound beauty, joyous chaos, boundless excitement, heart-wrenching grief, and inevitable loss. Set in a pastoral scene, with a theme of dancing and weaving, the video – directed by Millefiore Clarkes – matches the playful, jubilant, and blissful spirit of the song.

« The piece takes inspiration from a moment in time, dating back to January 23, 2022, » says Vishtèn’s Emmanuelle LeBlanc, « when Pastelle’s phone captured her lilting mouth music, a melodic idea that seemed to emerge from the heart of the universe. » LeBlanc creatively took these musical fragments and skillfully wove them together to complete the piece. « Expansion » is a musical representation of the ultimate aspiration: to expand, evolve, and grow.

Adding to the dynamism of Vishtèn Connexions for the single « Expansion, » the collaboration with Rowen Gallant (who wrote the high-energy reel that opens the piece) and Jesse Périard, from award-winning group Ten Strings & A Goat Skin, is an exhilarating one. This musical amalgamation is electric, and the blend of their distinct yet harmonious styles creates a genuinely unique sonic experience. « Expansion » promises to be a testament to the power of collaboration, bridging cultural and musical boundaries to create something truly extraordinary. Together, they are sure to make a lasting mark on the world of music while continuing to honor the legacy of Pastelle LeBlanc.

The collaboration between Vishtèn Connexions, Rowen Gallant, and Jesse Périard, has recently found its way onto the screen in a captivating television recording called « La Veillée Trad. » Hosted by the highly celebrated Québécois ensemble, Le Vent du Nord, this TV special is scheduled for broadcast on December 30th on TéléQuébec and promises to be a captivating and high-energy showcase of Québécois and Acadian traditional music