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Vishtèn is a Canadian roots music band very dear to my heart. They’re one of the few groups out there today playing Acadian music, and they’re absolutly the best. Acadian music is the ancestor of today’s Cajun music, and is centered in the French-Canadian regions of Eastern Canadian provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, […]

Hearth Music – Mosaïk review

 Vishtèn – Mosaïk June 2013 It starts with bodhran and jaw harp and a low-note drone that is felt more than heard. The next layer is a chant of « Ding ding, a ding ding ding, » first a solo voice, then repeated in three-part harmony. More layers are added with plucked violon and accordion. So begins […]

Roots World Mosaïk

From Prince Edward Island and the windswept Magdelen Islands of Quebec, this trio blends Celtic and French influences with Canada’s equivalent of Cajun music. There’s accordion, fiddle and flutes. There’s foot percussion. There’s step-dancing. There’s a couple of guests, but Vishtèn’s core trio fill the acoustic space well enough on their own. This is album […]

Mosaïk Review Living Traditions Magazine

« These young francophone musicians have impregnated their traditional repertoire with all the richness of their heritage that distinguishes the character of the east coast on this continent.”

Alain Brunet, La Presse, Montréal

“They made a bang! The musicians of this group set a beautiful ambiance Friday night… we look at them expressing themselves on stage with fresh and impressive energy.”

L’Éveil, Pont-Audemer, France

“It’s like Buckwheat Zydeco meets the Irish. The first time i saw them, i loved them!”

Pittsburgh Irish Festival

“Rhythms, melodies, voices, musicianship… a near perfect ensemble. Vishtèn, what a world!”

Le Petit Douchynois, France

“…the burning fires of Acadia.”

Le Télégramme, Lorient, France

« This Acadian band that mixes rhythms and irresistible dancing and climbing notes and voices to the sky… high voltage musicians.”

Le Guéret, France